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Personal Security Seminar for Women

Live Safe© is a seminar for women only, designed to assist women with personal security issues and help them protect themselves from violence. This is a personal safety program that incorporates the same tools that behavioral psychologists and criminal profilers use to predict the behavior of predators.

Our goal is to further empower women by educating them about the behavior surrounding violence, while developing some basic attributes that can help them survive some of the violence they may potentially face.

This is not simply another crash-course in a martial art for women. We will not waste any time practicing ineffectual and difficult-to-execute physical maneuvers against cooperative, non-resisting training partners; this only produces a misguided sense of confidence. Instead, we will develop an understanding of what an easy victim looks like to a predator; we will study some of the warning signs that an assault is likely or imminent, and we will learn some basic counters and defenses against real types of attacks most commonly used by predators and abusers. We will discuss both domestic and street-type assaults. Participants will learn how to take back control in a violent situation, dramatically increasing their chances of survival, and develop preventative tools and skills that will help them steer clear of potentially violent situations.

It is the goal of the Live Safe© program to provide women with accurate information and practical skills they can employ to increase their personal safety in their daily lives.



- learn personal safety for when you are at home, in your car, out with friends, or out on your own




-learn how to stay calm and take control of a crisis situation


Right to Fight


-street-oriented, practical self defense training

What past Live Safe© participants are saying:

"I would encourage women anywhere to take this specific seminar!"- Josie S.

"Amazing ways to make women feel secure."- Tammy M.

"Practical techniques that I could do right away!" - Jenn H.


$100.00 per person, women only.

Next seminar: TBA

EMAIL HERE or call 613-259-5355 for more info or to be notified of the next seminar date.


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