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Class Description

Jeet kune do has been called "scientific street-fighting" and  you will see why. You will become a better fighter each and every time you train. 

You will learn how to work all of your striking tools,  such as punching and kicking, and you will learn effective trapping.  

You will learn many of the intangibles in our art such as strategy, angles, broken rhythm, structure, distance and timing control, core principles, energy drills and much more. Jeet kune do is a thinking man's art, and your participation in this class will ensure you that you now have the keys to make JKD work in a combat situation.

The founder of Jeet Kune Do wrote that "Jeet kune do is the controlling of distance, timing and rhythm; embraced by the Five Ways of Attack", and your training will directly reflect this statement.

The training methodology  is broken down into three integrated phases of learning.  They are:

1. Strategy and Principles

2. Tools/Techniques

3. Sparring and scenario training


This methodology is trained in an environment that incorporates the work ethic of a boxing gym while maintaining the focus of a reality-based training system.










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