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Dave Shostal has been training in the martial arts since 1993, with the last 12 years devoted to the study and training in the art and science of jeet kune do.  Dave is a Full Instructor, certified by Sean Madigan.

Dave Shostal and Sean Madigan

Dave has trained both in private and in seminar with Original Bruce Lee. students Steve Golden and Patrick Strong. In addition to this, Dave has trained with Jerry Poteet and Ted Wong, also former Bruce Lee. students.

Dave Shostal with Steve Golden


... with Bruce Lee students Patrick Strong (left) and Steve Golden (right)


Dave was the editor for the second and subsequent editions of  Disciples of the Dragon, a compendium of interviews conducted by Paul Bax with many original Bruce Lee. students.  Dave also edited Paul's second book, Descendents of the Dragon, a compilation of interviews with next-generation jkd students and instructors.

Dave can be reached by phone at 613-259-5355

or by email at info@jkdcanada.ca



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The name Bruce Lee is a registered trademark of Concord Moon LLP and is used here only to demonstrate historical accuracy.


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